Congressman Clarke Questions ICE Regarding Detroit Abuses

Washington DC –During a hearing of the House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security today, Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit) raised the issue of ICE’s actions in Detroit with the Deputy Director of ICE, Mr. Kumar Kibble.

Specifically referencing cases documented by the Alliance for Immigrants Rights, Representative Clarke stated, in part:

“I want to make sure that whenever ICE conducts an enforcement action, that it’s because of specific information about the person’s immigration status, not their appearance. This kind of profiling is not only legally problematic, it’s ineffective. It’s also hampering Detroit’s economic development…The one area of Detroit that has been stabilized economically is Southwest Detroit, where immigrants have rebuilt homes and started businesses. It’s a thriving neighborhood, based on the work of immigrants.”  He added, “These cases concern me because they appear to be part of a disturbing trend.”

AIR supporter and member of the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan, Art Reyes, thanked Congressman Clarke for his remarks:

“Congressman Clarke’s support is critical, and we’re grateful that our allies in Congress are raising the actions of Detroit ICE to the highest levels of government. It’s clear that the Detroit ICE office is out of control. Warrant-less searches, abuse of immigrants in detention, and violent enforcement are simply not acceptable. We’re uncovering more cases of abuse day by day, and the picture of ICE’s actions is becoming more worrisome. The leadership of ICE must take responsibility for these actions and hold those responsible to account.”