JFON is a grassroots effort and depends on local support.  No donation is too small.  We appreciate your support! JFON’s program budget includes over 50% of its income from in-kind services; 100% of operating funds are collected and spent locally. Your support allows JFON to continue protecting our most vulnerable refugee, asylee, and immigrant neighbors.


Lola came to JFON to petition for her 92-year-old mother, Emily. Emily came to visit Lola in 2014, but became so ill she could not return to Germany. Emily was considered to be blind in Germany and began experiencing symptoms of dementia. Emily is unable to remember very many new people, but she remembered every time she had seen JFON Staff Attorney Katrina, and always sang when they met with one another.  With JFON’s help, Emily was granted a green card in August and will get to spend her last years with her only daughter, Lola. Lola said, “It’s like a weight has been lifted off me. I have my mother here to take care of instead of worrying about her in Germany.”


A United States citizen, Isaac, sought JFON’s assistance for a consular processing and immigrant visa case for his wife in Kenya. In April 2012, the staff at the US Embassy in Nairobi approved their I-130 petition, but denied his wife’s case, alleging marriage fraud. The officer at the embassy completely overlooked ample evidence of a legitimate marriage, including their baby daughter, and subsequently, it took an untold amount of time for the denied case to make its way back to the US for further processing.  JFON then involved Congressman Justin Amash’s office for assistance. The case was approved in November of 2013 after a second interview in Nairobi.  This second officer apologized to Isaac’s wife and admitted that their case should never have been denied. All the while, Isaac was supported by UMC pastors, Greg Martin and Trevor McDermont, and fellow members of his congregation.