Take action to welcome Syrian refugees now!

Message from the General Board of Church and Society Office of Civil and Human Rights:

U.S. leaders are vowing to reject Syrian refugees
Take action to welcome refugees now!
November 18, 2015
Refugees are the single most vetted and scrutinized individuals entering the U. S.
Yet we have U.S. elected officials who are fully aware of our existing security systems and they are shamefully calling for discrimination against Muslim refugees. With some leaders even calling for the refugee resettlement system to be shut down entirely. This is inexcusable. As followers of the refugee Christ, we must welcome all sojourners recognizing that security measures are in place and have been effective. I urge you to take action today and to recruit folks from your congregation and surrounding congregations to take action as well. Here is what you and others can do:

Please take action TODAY:

Call your Representative and Senators : 202-224-3121

AND if you live in these states, call your Governor!
·         Alabama: (334) 242-7100

·         Arizona: (520) 628-6580 / (602) 542-4331

·         Arkansas: (501) 682-2345

·         Florida: (850) 488-7146

·         Georgia: (404) 656-1776

·         Idaho: (208) 334-2100

·         Illinois: (217) 782-0244 / (312) 814-2121

·         Indiana: (317) 569-0709

·         Iowa: (515) 281-5211

·         Kansas: (785) 296-3232

·         Louisiana: (225) 342-7015

·         Maine: (207) 287-3531 / 1-855-721-5203

·         Massachusetts: (617) 725-4005 / (413) 784-1200 / (202) 624-7713

·         Michigan: (517) 373-3400

·         New Hampshire: (603) 271-2121

·         New Jersey: (609) 292-6000

·         North Carolina: (919) 814-2000

·         Ohio: (614) 466-3555

·         Oklahoma: (405) 521-2342

·         South Carolina: (803) 734-2100

·         Texas: 800-843-5789 / (512) 463-1782

·         Wisconsin: (608) 266-1212
When you call, tell the receptionist that as a constituent, you want to help WELCOME Syrian refugees and that you’re against the calls of some governors to reject Syrian refugees. Here is a sample script:

“As a United Methodist, [City] I support the resettlement of Syrian refugees in my state. I urge the Senator / Representative / Governor to represent me and other constituents who seek to welcome Syrian refugees.”

Here are some helpful points that you may want to mention, but the most important point is your story and why your community wants to welcome Syrian refugees!

·         The U.S. government handpicks the refugees who resettle here, and refugees are the most thoroughly vetted people to come to the United States.

·         All refugees resettled in the United States undergo rigorous security screenings by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Defense and multiple intelligence agencies, including biometric checks, forensic testing, medical screenings and in-person interviews.

·         This is not an either/or situation. The United States can continue to welcome refugees while also continuing to ensure national security. We must do both.

Let’s continue to welcome the refugee Christ.

In Christ,

Bill Mefford
Director, Civil & Human Rights